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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Windows 8 WGA Remover

Windows 8 RTM was leaked and out of curiosity, you may have downloaded and installed it right away. Problem comes after few hours when Key symbol appears everywhere nagging you about activating Windows 8. This Activation notification stays on right bottom always.

I am not talking about the Desktop Watermark which tell the version number and Windows 8 build. But, the Key symbol which appears wherever you go, whatever program you open which is annoying.

Remove Activation Notification Windows 8

Windows 8 Activation Reset is a tool meant for removing watermark from Desktop as well as it prevents Activation notification from appearing.
windows 8 rtm activation remover How To Remove Windows 8 Activation Notification Watermark Graphics
Run as Administrator and Just Press Install. Everything will be processed automatically and after restarting Windows, all watermarks and notifications will be removed.
windows 8 activation notification How To Remove Windows 8 Activation Notification Watermark Graphics
It also offers a feature of uninstalling which un-does your hack and restores the watermark back.

MyWCP Watermark Remover only removed Watermark from Desktop in bottom-right but the tool above removes Activation notification too.
Works with all versions of Windows 8 RTM including Enterprise and Professional.

Download Windows 8 Activator Here


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